When you have made a booking for a transfer from the Airport of Mytilene or from any Port of Lesvos to get to your destination/holiday resort, you don’t have to worry how we will find you. Your taxi driver will be waiting outside the arrival terminal displaying a sign with your name on it. As soon as you see your name, you have to contact the driver so he/she can help you with loading your luggage into the taxi, and of course to drive you to your destination. If you also/only make a booking for a departure transfer and you are not sure what time you have to leave your accommodation for check-in, you are welcome to ask us for the recommended time.

If your flight/ferry arrival/departure schedule is changed, delayed or even postponed, we will still be there to take you to your destination. We follow up all flights and ferries. There will be no one else entering your taxi(s) apart from the persons that you have informed us about. We respect your rights and privacy.

When leaving Lesvos, airport authorities advise for travelers to be at the airport for check-in, two hours before a foreign flight or one hour before a domestic flight. Port authorities advise for travelers to be at the port for boarding, forty five minutes to an hour before the vessel’s scheduled departure time. Refreshments and snacks can be bought at the airport and ports.

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