We start from Petra with the church of Virgin Mary which stands on a high rock and that has 114 footsteps to the top. You can stroll along the seafront and also look at the small back streets of the village. After that we drive towards Petri, where you can see a breathtaking view of Petra and the surrounding region. We then follow the route through the mountain villages of Stipsi, Ypsilometopo, Pelopi (Pelopi is where the family roots of the former American President Candidate Michael Dukakis are from) and Kapi reaching Mantamados, which is known for the local pottery, traditional yoghurt, cheese and of course the Taxiarchis Monastery (Archangels Michael & Gabriel). Later we continue on towards the north coast where the Turkish coastline is visible to reach Skala Sikamineas which has a picturesque little fishing harbour and the church of Virgin Mary Gorgona (Mermaid) on a rock along the sea front. Once you have finished your stroll around, we head for Molivos which is located on the north tip of the island. We visit a nice castle which stands on the highest point of Molivos and we also go to the small harbour where a refreshment and pictures can be taken. After that we return to Petra.