Discover North-West Lesvos

We drive through the villages of Petra, Molivos, Anaxos and Skoutaros to reach the turtle pool just outside of Skalochori. In Skalochori you can see an old Turkish minaret. We continue our way via Vatousa to the mountain village of Antissa, where we can stop for a refreshment at the famous square (plateia). Later we go to Ypsilou Monastery which is located on a high mountain close to Sigri, there you can see a breathtaking panorama of the west volcanic area. Then we head on to the Park of the Petrified Forest, where you will have enough time to see the trees. After we go to the museum in Sigri, there you will find out how the geological, volcanic structure and the petrified forest of the west part of Lesvos became millions of years ago. We also visit a small castle in Sigri and then we return back. (A visit to Skala Eressos is optional).